Thursday 3 October 2013

Skinade Journey ~ Week One Update

 Hey sweeties!

So week one is over and I can definitely say I was not prepared for the outcome.
Initially I said the taste wasn't as bad as the smell... Well, I take that back. For some reason the second bottle I drank was a real struggle, it made my face scrunch up and being brutally honest, made me feel a little sick. I tried the 'hold your nose' technique and that didn't work. The taste and smell lingered and as a result I felt pretty queasy all day.

I really wanted to stick with it so for the third bottle I figured id try and drink it all at once... Apart from the fact that it was over faster, I still felt sick and the symptoms only worsened as the day went on, I experienced the worlds worst headache on top of feeling like there was an ocean in my stomach.

Now i'm not sure how this drink is supposed to make you feel inside so I'm unsure if it is the drink or if i'm just feeling a little under the weather but I was fine before - bad timing maybe?

I persevered to bottle six, still struggling with the taste but I haven't really noticed any difference in my skin so far. Although it does say my skin should feel softer and more hydrated by now, maybe i'll notice a little later?
I'll keep going with it and hopefully it'll start working its magic sooner rather than later!

Check back next week!


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