Friday 11 October 2013

Dark and Dramatic make up look- Halloween

This look is for those of you who enjoy Halloween but aren't too comfortable going all out and dressing up! It's a dark look which I think echoes the all Hallows Eve vibe perfectly. I plan on wearing a similar make up on the night itself but with added drama and suitable attire. I had planned on taking a few better photos but my camera was just not cooperating, so I can only apologise for the blurry quality of the full face shots!

Step One- Face

As this look requires an awful lot of make up, a primer is essential to keep it on all night long! I used Illamasqua Satin Primer all over the face and eyelids using a real techniques buffing brush. 

Next, I applied my foundation with the buffing brush. I chose this look to road test my new YSL Youth Liberator and my skin was FLAWLESS. A high coverage is always better for these looks and this is amazing. 

To make my cheekbones stand out, I took a Bourjois bronzer and, using a contour brush, sucked my cheeks in like a fish and applied it right under my cheekbones. I also took the black from an eyeshadow palette I bought on ebay to give my cheeks a more sallow, undead appearance without going too over the top. 

Finally, I added a Topshop Skin Glow highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones and a tiny hint of blush on the apples to finish the face, along with my trusty Touche Eclat under my eyes. At this point, powder is also an option, although I didn't use it in this look.

Step Two- Eyes

Eyes, the most important part!

I went over my lids with a white colour from my Ebay palette (which you can buy here), taking it all the way up to my brow bones but avoiding the inner upper corner. 

Next, I took Hustle from my Naked Palette on a Gosh eyeshadow contour brush and applied it through the crease of my eye and winged it out. I used a good few layers just to make it as dark as I could.

I went back over the white just on the lid itself with the white and then used a mix of Virgin and Sin to add a bit more depth. 

From my Urban Decay "The Black Palette", I put Cobra, a gorgeous black with gold shimmer, over hustle and also blended it slightly further down in the outer corners and under my eye.

Taking Collection Extreme felt tip liner (my all time favourite), I created a dramatic cat eye look, bringing the flick all the way to the end of where my eyeshadow was. I took the eyeliner past the inner corner of my eye and then drew a small line on the bottom.

Eyeshadow nearly done, I promise! I took Topshop Crayon in Moon Shine, which I don't think is available anymore, and used it along the bottom of my eyes. I then used Borjois Khol Kajal Queen Attitude in my water line. 

I overly defined my brows using eylure shape and shade pencil in shade two, used Benefit's They're Real! mascara on the top and bottom lashes and applied a pair of Kitty lashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. Et Voila. Eyes= done!

Step three- Lips

For the lips, I took Illamasqua shard and Topshop Beguiled and just used them both until I was happy with the colour. I then took the black eyeshadow and used it in the middle of my lips to create a 3-dimensional effect. A hint of White eyeshadow to highlight and I was done!

I always love sitting down and doing my Halloween make up but after finishing this, I actually realised I wouldn't mind wearing a very similar look out on a normal night! Experimenting with make up really makes you realise what boundaries you can stretch to change your look without going over the top.

If anybody would like to see a more dramatic Halloween look, just comment below and I'll see what I can do before the most fun night of the year!

Kate x

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  1. You look amazing! Eye make up is fab, and the lips look great.