Friday 13 September 2013

Rockateur Launch!

Benefit Cardiff Queen St Bloggers Event - Lauch of Rockateur!
So last week was a super busy week for me! I moved into my first ever flat as I’m starting my graduate job next week, and it just happened to be that the day I was moving in was the same day is this amazing event!
I had spotted from the lovely Boots Cardiff Benefit girls on twitter (@Benefit_QueenSt that they were holding an event to celebrate the goooorgeous new blusher Rockateur, so I tweeted them back and was invited along to the event! 
It was held at Tiger Tiger in Cardiff where we were greeted by delicious “Rocktails” and the lovely Benebabes looking gorgeous as ever! We all got comfy with our cocktails and I got to meet some of the other lovely Cardiff bloggers too.
The lovely Holly and her girls introduced themselves, and then asked us to introduce ourselves and our favourite Benefit product to the rest of the group. I chose Watts Up, my latest Benefit treat as my favourite. As we went around the room, I am pretty sure every Benefit product was mentioned as being someone’s favourite, showing just how loved Benefit products are!! The evening was set around the transformation of Holly’s lovely model. We were shown, step by step, how to create a gorgeous rock chic look using the Benefit products.

As Holly explained each product and why she was using it, the products were passed round for us to have a try! It was really interesting to pick up some new techniques, and by the time the base had been set, we were all waited eagerly for Rockateur (fondly nicknamed “Rock” by the Benebabes). As it got passed around, we were all told to “pop it on” and we did!! The payoff on this product is AH-MAZING. Initially we had to rub the brush into the pot a fair bit to get some build up on the new brush, but once that was done we hardly needed to touch the product to get a gorgeous warm golden rose glow from Rock.

For the beady eyed among you, you may realise Rockateur  doesn’t have as much product as the other Benefit blushers, but it is still the same price at £23.50. This is because this product includes some special ingredients, it’s less powder and almost a cream in terms of feel! It also has a new shape brush compared to the other Box o’Powders, curved at the edges to help perfect application. Honestly, as soon as I’d tried it, I loved it. I can see how this new formula will last all day highlighting, sculpting and adding warmth to every cheek it touches. It’s dreamy. So dreamy I went back today and bought it today whilst also said hello to Holly who was there today…naughty me!
 We were shown a few more products throughout the evening as the final look was finished on the model. I particularly liked the new lipsticks which are all based on American buildings and structures, this one being the Golden Gate Bridge (isn’t the packaging just adorable?!) and also Bathina, a product which apparently Rihanna swears by!

This was the final rock chic look. She looked amazing! We also got some cute little goody bags with samples of a couple of products in and a cupcake on the way out!

I had the BEST time meeting all the Cardiff Benebabes and the other bloggers and hope there will some more events with them soon in Cardiff. For those Welsh readers amongst you I cannot recommend Benefit in Boots on Queen St enough, the girls are lovely and any question you may have about any products or how to apply them, I’m sure they would love for you to go and say “Hello” and ask!
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Have you tried the new Rockateur? What do you think of it? We’d love to know!!
Becky xxx


  1. Ooh, would love to have been there. Love Benefit - they can't be beaten for the quirkiness of their packaging and make other brands seem really dull by comparison. I live outside Cardiff but haven't been into Tiger Tiger for ages either. Mind you, having kids now, I haven't been to loads of places for ages!

    1. I totally agree Linda their packaging is gorgeous!

      It's lovely to hear from a fellow Cardiff girl, and you should definitely go for a night at Tiger if you get the chance! X

  2. I love Benefit and I was lucky enough to win some Rockateur recently too! I can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks for the post I will pop in when I'm in Cardiff next to pick up a brochure

    1. Oooh lucky you!!! You will love it when it arrives I promise! Such a gorgeous colour :)

      Yes definitely pop by and say hello to the girls and pick up a brochure, they'd love to see you I'm sure! xx

  3. I want to buy the Bathina just for the tin! x

    1. Oh I know!! The tin is huuuuge aswell you get an awful lot of product for the price, it's a real bargain and the next thing on my list!

      Thankyou for popping by! Xx

  4. Rockateur looks awesome. I may need to ask for it for my birthday ;)

    Thanks for sending me your link during the bbloggers chat last night.


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