Monday 11 August 2014

MUJI - scented candles

We all know how much beauty bloggers love MUJI and we all know how much beauty bloggers love scented candles, but what happens when you put the two together??

Well let me tell you...

MUJI candles cost a mere £3.50 each but kick of the same smelling power as those from the likes Yankee or even some of the higher ended brands. They have a limited scent range, but enough so there's something to suit all tastes and preferences.

 I chose 'Berry Tart' which surprise surprise smells like berries and I also picked up my absolute favourite scent for a candle 'Cinnamon & Mandarin'. They smell INCREDIBLE - Cinnamon is more of a winter scent so although I do prefer that one I'm burning the 'Berry Tart' first and the scent literally fills the room. It's beautiful!!! Each candle has an average burn time of 18 hours and for £3.50 you really cant grumble...

You can view the full range of MUJI candles here

Have you tried any Muji Candles before? Have I tempted you? Let me know in the comments below....

Linda x


  1. I've never heard of these before so I'm very tempted to take a peek at the website...

  2. Do they smell strong when you burn them? I've bought so many candles which smell amazing in the jar but have disappointed me when I've burnt them!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. They really do! For the price I really can't fault them! x

  3. They sound really good and cheap at half the price, I will be popping to Muji to get some of these when I am next in town.