Sunday 24 August 2014

LDN: SKINS Gradual Fake Tan Review.

Hi beauties. If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know one of my biggest passions is fake tan. It’s possible I’ve tried all of the, what I would call, ‘well known’ brands, so when the opportunity arises to try out a brand I’ve not heard of, I jump at it!

I was very kindly sent the LDN : SKINS Gradual self tan lotion, in tone 2; medium, a self tan which offers me a golden yet natural looking tan, which is infused with organic benefits. Also included was the most amazing tanning mitt.....!
The packaging is quite simple, yet looks expensive and luxurious.

The lotion itself is an almost caramel coloured, thick lotion which smells absolutely divine, subtle hints of lavender and not in the slightest fake tan smelling at all, infact if I didn’t know different, I’d have thought it was a lavender scented moisturiser! The list of organic ingredients infused into this tan is absolutely immense...

Aloe Vera - A succulent moisturiser & natural healer. 
Avocado Oil - A rich source of Vitamin A & E, softens, moisturises & nourishes skin. 
Seaweed - Packed with vitamins & minerals to nourish & protect skin. 
Melon - Contains sugars, minerals & vitamins for intense skin conditioning. 
Orange Flower Oil - An excellent skin tonic - detoxifies & conditions skin. 
Grapefruit Peel - Stimulates circulation, tones & rejuvenates skin for a more youthful appearance. 
English Lavender - Promotes healthy, refreshed & flawless skin.

So, the application of tan. 
The tan, as mentioned comes with a tanning mitt. A VELVET tanning mitt. And let me tell you, it is amazing. My palms are kept safe from being dyed as it is waterproof, but to apply the tan with this mitt is heaven. It is the softest, smoothest, most luxurious mitt i’ve had the pleasure of using...and i’ve used a fair few. 

The lotion claims to provide a colour guide. This for me was probably the only dissapointing feature, as it DOESN'T have a colour guide at all. It is completely transparent when spread onto the skin. For this reason, I would be inclined to say that this particular self tan would be better suited to girls (and guys!) who have experience in self tanning and are comfortable in using a gradual tan lotion. Luckily, I'm used to self tanning so was positive I could provide myself an even tan without missing any areas!
The tan is left to develop over a period of 8 hours, I tanned around an hour before bedtime and left it overnight. 

Upon waking, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It wasn't as deep as I'd usually go for, however I was a very natural looking, golden brown, which if you'll remember, is what the brand claims to give! It is very buildable and can provide a lovely dark tan, if you're patient enough to layer the tan over a few days for required results!

This photo was taken a week or so later where I tanned one arm, one layer, and left overnight for comparison purposes....I tanned the second arm not long after!

The biggest positive for me - does anyone else suffer with 'spotty legs' after shaving and then tanning, in which the tan seeps into open pores leaving your legs looking dotty?! My biggest pet peeve with fake tans! This one, DOES NOT do that! Hallelujah! 
I also noticed that the infused ingredients had helped soften my skin massively; a small patch of dry skin I suffer with on my arm had completely vanished! 

The only let down for me was the lack of colour guide, otherwise this tan is fantastic if you're looking for a natural tan suitable for daytime wear without being over the top and overly fake, with the option to build into a deeper, darker looking tan. 

LDN:SKINS Tan is available to buy here, ranging from £22 to £28 and is available in a lotion or mousse, instant and gradual! It is also available in salons, and may be available to purchase near you! You can check for local stockists here.

Have you tried this paticular brand before? Interested in trying it? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


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