Saturday 9 August 2014

Real Techniques Mini Trio Brush set – Review.

I’ve always been a bit ‘cheap’ when it came to the tools I used for make-up application. I mean, does it really matter whether it cost £1 or £20 for that brush you use to cake your face in foundation?! Apparently it does!
So, obviously I’ve heard of the brands, but didn’t know which to go for. I stumbled across a mini set of three Real Techniques, a brand I’ve heard many a time, for less than a tenner and thought what better way to give them a go, without spending a fortune and deciding, actually, that Primark brush worked just as good if not better.
Upon arrival, I was a bit shocked at the size. They’re tiny. Palm sized tiny! Cute though, aren’t they?!

Okay, so I soon realised that due to the sheer size of these brushes, I probably can’t use them how I had hoped. I mean, I’d be there all day applying foundation to my full face with that brush!
I use the mini foundation brush to get in all those hard to reach places and also for the application of concealer.  The mini shading brush I use to apply shadow to my lower lash line and the mini face brush I use to contour my cheek bones, my jaw line and nose.

I am, however, impressed with the quality of these brushes. They definitely look nicer that my cheapies! 
The finish of make-up these brushes create i’m pretty impressed with, they definitely apply a whole lot better than those I’ve scrimped on. They’re perfect to pop in my bag when I’m on the go and need to top up my make-up and they come in a little pouch – perfect to keep them clean among the clutter! I’ve been using them religously for 4 weeks now – and not a single hair has fallen out.

Overall, I’m glad I bought them. I paid £9.99 from Boots, who currently have a buy one get one half price offer on over the Real Technique range. I’ve just invested in the Core collection kit and will be treating myself to the starter kit in the next week or so. That £10 spend has taught me a valuable (and expensive!) lesson – the tools you use to create your look really do make a big change in the finish of your make-up!

Do you have a favourite brand of brushes? Any recommendations for me? Leave me a message! 

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  1. ahh I soo want these! I have a slight obsession with makeup brushes lol