Wednesday 18 December 2013

Hair Envy - Dual Fix 12

As someone who regularly bleaches their hair I suffer badly with dryness and split broken ends. Some days my hair can feel really rough to the touch and even though it is very fine the fact that it is quite curly can make it appear quite coarse.

As you can imagine I was excited to try the Dual Fix 12 from Hair Envy which is packed with lots of lovely silk proteins and keratin amino acids. 

The idea behind this treatment is that you apply it before you wash your hair and then blast it with the hairdryer to activate all the goodness with the heat. You can also use it like a hair mask in between washing and conditioning however I decided to go the whole hog and apply it to dry hair. Hair Envy recommend you do this about once a month and then top it up by using it as a mask occasionally.
The product comes out like a mousse and smells absolutely delicious – like some kind of amazing tropical fruit smoothie! The mousse consistency makes it nice and easy to apply however I don’t think I applied quite enough the first time because I wasn’t blown away by the result.

I waited a few weeks and gave it a another go, making sure I really saturated my hair with product this time (which it does tell you to do on the bottle I just hadn’t wanted to waste it first time around!) This time I saw much better results, my hair was noticeably shiny which is something I can never ever achieve, no matter how much shine spray I pile on! I had several compliments from friends about my how my hair was looking much healthier and was asked what I’d been using to get it looking so nice. 

I think other people noticing a difference without me prompting then is what really sold this product to me! (That and the fact that I’m slightly obsessed with the smell of it) I’m definetly going to keep using it every 4 weeks to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy and shiny.

You can pick up Dual Fix 12 from the Hair Envy website for £19.95 for a generously sized 200ml bottle here
Rach x

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