Tuesday 3 December 2013

W7 Lipstick and Blusher

W7 is a very affordable makeup brand - but are the products any good? I put a lipstick and blusher to the test to find out!

W7 Magic Matte Lipstick in Darling
Buy it for £2.50 from The Cosmetic House HERE

I didn't actually intend the colour of this lipstick to match my nails haha! I love that this lipstick is matte yet not drying - it has a velvety feel. Because it's matte it has more staying power, unlike some lipsticks I have which rub off really easily because they are too moist.

W7 Make Me Blush Blusher in Dahlia
Buy it for £2.99 at Xtras.co.uk HERE

As this blusher is a little glittery I would only use it in the evening. It's at such a bargain price for how much you get. It's a really lovely colour too.

Sorry that these photos are a little yellow - been having trouble with my camera. Hopefully you can still get an idea of how the makeup looks, but the lipstick is not as purple in real life. I really like these products overall, especially the lipstick as I can wear it both day and night and it has good staying power. It's a great versatile colour that I've been wearing to work almost every day as it's not too bright.

Have you used any W7 products before?

Ingrid xxx


  1. wow those products are so cool.
    never used them before.
    I am using the Kardashian Beauty perfect bronzer.
    did you try it?

  2. I've never tried it, is it any good? :) x