Thursday 10 July 2014

Holiday Essentials - Skincare

Hi Everyone, I love holiday season. Even though I very rarely go on an actual holiday in holiday season but it's the time that I get to go and get all my bits and pieces for my holiday I take in late September. One thing I love the most is the little holiday essentials you can get in miniature bottles. Not only are they a space saver they are also just the right size to take in your hand luggage leaving valuable space available for some amazing holiday ensembles! 

Whenever I go away I always buy 3 main skincare essentials. Simple Moisturising Face Wash, Simple Hydrating Moisturiser and Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes.

All three are in the Kind to Skin range which is what I really need to use in the summer and on holiday because my skin is always at it's worse when it's hot and clammy, it's not nice. This whole range makes my skin feel fresh and clean. 

The Moisturising Face Wash has an active ingredient of Bisabolol which is known to soothe and calm redness and blemishes. It also includes Vitamin E which is great for restoring the natural glow in your skin. 

Now I always make sure I'm carrying around the Cleansing Facial Wipes and also have this when I come home from a night on my hols and I've decided to make myself up a little bit. These are great for removing stubborn make-up but they are gentle on your skin. They don't dry out your face like some wipes can and they're oil-free so no greasy skin either! 

Last up is the Hydrating Moisturiser, this is a light formuation that it's not oily or greasy like most can be. I tend to use this everywhere. If I get burnt I'll usually use some aftersun but then keep applying this because my skin with sunburn just dries out scarily quickly. There are no harsh chemicals in this, so like the other 2 products this is gentle and caring even to those with sensitive skin. 

I bought all three of these in ASDA and they were £1.20 or 3 for £3. I will be back later on this week with another Holiday Essentials post.

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  1. Its so handy to buy the mini versions! I love getting ready early for holidays :) have a great time in September

  2. I love Simple products. They are one of the only ones that my skin doesn't react badly to.