Sunday 2 March 2014

New! The Vita Liberata Skin Respect Range

Recently I was lucky enough to try some new products from the Vita Liberata Skin Respect range before they were released! (They are now available to buy!)

The 3 products I received from this exciting new range were:

Vita Liberata Skin Respect Skin Plumping Peptide Mist - (Oligo Peptides plump, firm & supercharge with Pomegranate for anti age benefits & Peppermint to calm & soothe skin. Apply before tanning to enhance the depth & finish of your tan - then use daily to maintain perfectly plumped, flawless skin. Follow with Argan & Passion Flower Dry Oil for the deepest skin regime.) 
Vita Liberata Skin Respect Argan & Passion Flower Dry Oil - (Organic extracts smooth, soothe & protect against the sun’s damaging rays. Passion Flower conditions, Argan repairs, Sweet Almond calms & Rosehip fights signs of aging. Leaves skin hydrated with a silky soft glow & no greasy finish. Performance enhanced by Skin Plumping Peptide Mist.)
Vita Liberata Skin Respect Luxury Instant & Wash Off Bronzing Lotion - (Flawless instant bronzing in a super sheer, one night only, wash off formula. Sculpts, tones, smoothes & conditions; fights the signs of aging & strengthens skin. Apple Complex revives skin & Neroli Oil conditions skin. Moisture Lock™ gives ultimate skin hydration that lasts for 72 hours - even after showing!)

You can see I already used quite a bit of these products before I photographed them - was too eager!!

These 3 products work in sequence with each other. First you use the Skin Plumping Peptide Mist which is really easy to apply and distributes evenly onto your skin. This is great to spritz onto your skin after a hot shower as it is lovely and cooling.

Then follow with the Argan & Passion Flower Dry Oil. I found that the best way to apply this is to squirt some onto your hand then apply it to the desired area. I especially love using this oil on my face! I've always had problems with combination skin: my face is often greasy yet it has dry patches and I have quite an uneven skin tone. I found that this oil was really moisturising on my face which helped to even my skin tone (it calmed it and made it less red) yet this oil also absorbs really quickly and leaves a non-shiny, non-greasy finish!

After using the mist followed by the oil for a few weeks now I find that my skin has improved a lot - it is smoother, softer and generally happier - it doesn't feel tight or dry any more. The oil is great on the body too - because it doesn't leave you with sticky or greasy skin it means you can get dressed pretty much straight away after applying it.

The instructions say that you can either follow this oil with your usual moisturiser or leave it without. I personally think that you don't need to use a moisturiser AND the Dry Oil because this amazing product is moisturising enough!

After applying these two brilliant products, if you then want to apply the Luxury Instant & Wash off Bronzing Lotion, now is the time. You can use a bronzing mitt to avoid staining your hands but it's not vital as I found that it washed off my hands easily with warm water and soap. This bronzing lotion left a really even tan and good-quality finish on my skin. It also dried quickly and wasn't sticky at all (I can't stand stickiness!). It is also perfect for sensitive/dry skin as it moisturises too.

The main reasons I love these products are the ease of application, the non-greasy finish and how wonderfully moisturising they are. I definitely recommend them if you have dry/sensitive skin that needs pampering in this cold weather! The price of these products range between £30-40 for the large bottles but you can get smaller bottles for less, and I personally think they are worth the price because they are so effective. Also these products are 'anti-age' and although I'm only 22 there's no harm in fighting the wrinkles now!

Will you be trying any of these amazing new products? View them here.

Ingrid x

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