Friday 7 March 2014

Kate's Product of the Week - MUA Trio Eyeshadow

Sorry it's late this week, been settling into my new job so my head being stuffed with new info about standing orders and direct debits. So onto my PotW...

This week my Product of the Week is the MUA Trio Eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet (Superdrug £2.50).  I've chosen this because it's a fabulous product which is a fantastic price. ]

Sorry about picture quality.

This is a small eyeshadow trio, barely the size of a compact with 3 shades to choose from. One each of a dark, light and mid shade. They are all a little bit metallicy. 

What I really like about this is that it has a little application suggestion on the back, so if you're not sure about eyeshadow application then this is perfect. I'm not great as it, but I've supplied a pic to show how it works. 

  1. Define and Line - Dark Shade
  2. Blend and Shadow - Mid Shade
  3. Highlight - Light Shade

It's got alright staying power, I'd say it stayed so long because I primed and used a fixing mist after my make up was finished. There is also an applicator which is good because you can pop it in your bag. The thin end is for the dark shade to line your lid

This product for me is an all around good egg and if you like MUA products then this is something to add to your collection and if you've never tried MUA before then I say give it a go, it's cheap and nice quality. 

  • Cheap
  • Lovely Quality
  • Applicator included
  • 3 colours for separate looks or can be mixed
  • There's a look guide provided
  • Great for day and night
  • Great pigment
  • Great size
  • The only thing I can think that would make this amazing was if there was a little compact mirror built in.
So there you go! Hope all my lovely readers have a great weekend and come back next week to see my 11th Product of the Week. 

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  1. I love this too, great review!
    I love MUA at the moment x

  2. Mega sparkly! I like these a lot!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  3. I've never used MUA before but I love the colour of the mid-shade, it's a fab rosy gold.

  4. I never wear eye shadow as I always feel it makes me look 'over-done' if that makes sense?! I once had my make up done for an interview in a newspaper and they made me look ridiculous. I never know what colours suit me to be honest so I just leave it. I'm loving reading through all your posts today- feeling inspired to give myself a new look!
    x x

  5. These MUA Trio's are great. I have one and love it. I like this one you've used and think it looks pretty. I will be buying this for sure

  6. i have soo much mua i cant use it all up but i have never bought these i prefer for the price the pallettes the matte one is gorgeous by the way x

  7. Beautiful colours and very pretty.I love the gentle sparkle in the colour.

  8. Great review! Looks like a lovely eyeshadow set :)


  9. I love the slight glittery look - and what a great price!