Sunday, 21 April 2013

Night off, Pamper routine!

 Okay! So it's my night off, I'm not going out & I have nowhere to be in the morning so now is the perfect time to pamper myself something silly & take my time with it. Non of that checking the clock thinking 'crap, got to be up in 6 hours!' rubbish.
I very rarely have evenings like this, lack of money means I tend not to spend on nice products & also, if i'm being honest, sometimes I find pamper evenings a bit of a chore, it's a lot of effort to get into! But once in a blue moon my inner girly girl makes an appearance & I do my best ;)

Step 1: Get the makeup off! I do this before anything else due to finding taking my makeup off a real pain in the arse - one of the less fun/relaxing parts of a pamper evening I think.

 Step 2 : Get jammied! AKA - put some comfy clothes on, your pajamas to be more precise :P You can find me sporting mine on instagram - 'miss_kk_19'.
I'm a little obsessed with my David&Goliath getup. 

Step 3 : Set the mood. Light some candles, dim the lights, stick on a film or listen to some music.

Typically you'd listen to something relaxing however I tend to go for more upbeat songs as they make me feel happier with myself. Sort of like getting ready for a night out music but getting 'unready' instead? You know!

Step 4 : Arm yourself with a face mask, normally one you've been told will rid you of all your skin issues but actually just makes you feel like you've had botox, leaves your skin feeling amazing and tricks you into thinking it's done a good job for a few hours. It's nice while it lasts! :P
This time I went for this bad boy:

I'll be fair, I do feel like this one really makes a difference if I use it often enough.

 I couldn't however tell you a price or a shop to order from as I pinched it off my mothers beauty shelf.

Step 5 : Open yourself a can of pop... Yes, I do realise that's hardly a treat but it has recently been brought to my attention that I am slightly addicted to this awful, awful! stuff & so I would very happily choose this over a glass of wine. You on the other hand can crack open a bottle of whatever takes your fancy! Drink sensibly n' all that! Remember though, that being a tad tipsy makes the next step slightly more of a task than a treat...

Step 6 : While you're face is going stiff and you're slowly losing the ability to use your facial muscles, file and paint your nails. Or even better, hire someone to do it for you. My left hand is by far the most useless part of my body and makes painting my nails a loooooong process.

Step 7 : Send your boyfriend pictures of yourself looking something like this & ask him if he still thinks you're beautiful, even with hulk face.

If he says yes, he's a liar! but thank him anyway :P

Step 8 : Wash off your hulk face & breath a sigh of relief when you can move your face around again. Admire your super smooth face and get back to work... I mean, pampering yourself... *cough*

I'm not really a 'soak in the tub' kinda girl, so i'll normally leave it at that and proceed in the morning. This involves nairing ( is that even a word? it is now...), hopping in the shower, shaving to within an inch of my life, buffing away dead skin like my life depends on it & then deciding I will dry in my own time before slathering myself in either tropical scented or slightly shimmery moisturisers.

This should really have been an over the top girly post on the perfect evening  & although I do adore the final results of an evening/morning like this, surely i'm not the only girl that finds the process more of a hassle than it's made out to be? :P

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