Wednesday 10 April 2013

Nailed it

Nail art has become one of the biggest trends at the moment. Im always seeing amazing nails on instagram, and recently I've been seeing amazing nail art on my friends' twitter pages. Im normally a fan of a classic french manicure, although for special occasions I delve into my massive nail wrap box (I have around 50 sets ready to be used!!).

I'm a student in Cardiff and up has popped the amazing Rehab Nail Bar. I've seen all my friends instagramming and tweeting awesome nails they've picked up there, and having my 12 year old sister to stay last weekend gave me the excuse I needed to finally visit! (Plus they do an amazing 20% off for students!)

Rehab's Easter Nails on Twitter! Cute!

Check out Rehab's amazing twitter with all their designs here and even join in with their guess the nail art competitions!! To check out their website and see what else they can magic onto your nails, look here.

I booked in for a set of acrylics with nail art, and booked my sister in for a mini manicure. Check out what we got!

My french manicure with pearls!
Issy's mini manicure with crystals!
We had such a good afternoon there, and having seen what other designs they were doing, I can't wait to go back to ask for something crazy! If you live near Cardiff I can't recommend going there enough!

I'm loving some nail trends at the moment, which do you think I should try next time? Ciaté chalkboard? Minx nails? Marble?


Leona Lewis' nails

J Lo's nail art

I'd love to see any nail art you've tried yourself, or anything you'd recommend! I'd love links to any tutorials you may have, I'm a novice when it comes to doing my own nail art, but would love to try!

Becky x

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