Monday 10 February 2014

Valentines Preperation Post. Including Fake Bake, Impress and Kiss Haute Couture.

Valentines Day, that unavoidable routine holiday that is creeping up on us again, you either love it or you hate it. (Boo you haters!)

I’m single, however there may be a date on the cards! So the preparation seems a little bit more important for me personally. First impression counts and all that?! I don’t believe it’s all cards and gifts and fancy meals in swanky restaurants, no! Feeling good is key to looking good, so preparation plays a major role in a successful night.
I was very kindly sent a great array of products to help me in the preparation for Valentines Day including Fake Bake Bronzer instant tan lotion, Haute Couture Kiss lashes in Coy and Impress nails in Tweetheart (very fitting!) and TGIF.

First off, the Impress Stick on nails promise quick and easy application with no need for glue! Impress Nails….I am impressed! (It’s almost valentines day…I’m allowed to be cheesy!) I decided to go for the set aptly named Tweetheart, a gorgeous shade of vampy red. I’m not sure if it’s just me but these nails in some lighting seem to take on an almost ombre effect, being an almost reddish black towards the tip, but regardless I am in love with the colour!
The nails come packaged in a lovely little nail polish shaped box which contains 24 various sized nails, an almost guarantee that you will find nails a suitable size for your own. Included is a prep pad and a cute little nail file.

Application of the nails was quick and easy. Once I had sorted the nails into desired sizes, all I had to do was wipe the prep pad over my nails, peel off the tab to reveal the glue and pop them over my own nails, I started with my pinky nail and left the thumb nail on both hands until last. It literally took around three minutes and I had salon standard talons!

How beautiful do they look?! They remind me of the look, touch and finish of a very good quality gel manicure! The nails are very comfortable to wear and just the right length for every day wear. I was worried they wouldn't feel very secure once applied (Remember those pop on (pop off again 5 minutes later!) nails with the sticky tabs when you were a teenager?!) but I couldn't have been more wrong. I can’t stop looking at them! 

Longevity, these surprised me to be quite honest! No glue remember...and they lasted a whole week before I lost one, which resulted in me removing the rest. A WHOLE WEEK! As the nails aren't like the typical false nail, usually quite rigid and hard, more of a soft pliable material, they did bend ever so slightly when I removed them, so unfortunately one or two of them won't be reusable. Not a problem though, as there are still a good amount of nails left to be used! 

Overall, I am very happy with these nails and plan on stocking up on a few different colours/patterns! Tweetheart can be bought for £5.99 at Superdrug here and can also be picked up in Boots and ASDA. I've decided to save the TGIF pair for sometime in Spring, i'll definitely post when I've had chance to wear them! 

Next up, of course you can't beat a pair of fluttery eyelashes to bat at that special (and hot?!) man! 
You all know by now that I am an avid lover of a good pair of falsies and no look would be complete without a pair. The Haute Couture Kiss lashes were a brand i've not personally tried before, yet I have heard good things about on numerous occasions, so I was very pleased with the opportunity to try them out. 

This is a double set and comes with an applicator and adhesive. In the packet, the lashes themselves look quite full on, however when on, they're bloomin' beautiful! Not too in your face, very flirty and fluttery looking! 
I personally did not get along with the applicator, however I can see it coming in handy if you're a novice with false eyelash application. I popped them on using just my fingers and application was quick and easy, thanks to the flexible and well manipulated lash line on the lashes. 
They were very comfortable to wear and stayed put all night. I couldn't think of anything worse than losing an eyelash on a date! 
The double set is available here for £8.99 which I think is a great price for two pairs of lashes and if taken care of these lashes stay beautiful few quite a few wears! 

Last, but certainly not least, the FakeBake Instant Bronzer! 
After the cold months we've had, my skin is definitely feeling a bit dull and pale, so a good freshen up with a bit of colour and some TLC is definitely what I need! I am still a massive fan of the FakeBake Flawless Darker however, mid February, it may look a little unnatural! 

The bronzer appeals greatly to me as it is INSTANT! No waiting around for development, pop it on and off you go! 

Left - Without. Right - With. 

I was worried that the tan would smell overbearing and have that overly distinct fake tan smell, the first thing I did before I applied was smell it. It wasn't a problem and the tan smells actually quite pleasant! 

Application of the tan was pretty much what i'd expect from FakeBake, however you do have to work really quickly to get the tan rubbed in or it becomes quite smudgey. 
Despite that, the results are beautiful. Yet again, FakeBake have impressed with this natural looking, quick drying, non transfer INSTANT tan! Perfect for girls on the go and those that don't have enough time to wait the development times with other tans. 

You can grab a 125ml bottle for just£6.99 here with free shipping! Worth every single penny!

So, now I have the first stages of prep done, I just have the dreaded task of deciding what to wear, how to have my hair, heels or flats?! You know the score! 

Wether you're staying in or out being spoilt with the ones you love, having a girls night out with your fellow single friends, or spending the night infront of the TV with your children, I sincerely hope you have a lovely valentines day. 

Love & Kisses...

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