Meet The Squad!

We're a group of girls who met through being part of the late More! Magazine Hot 100, and we wanted to keep our love and knowledge of beauty alive through starting this blog!

We've been involved with product testing both pre and post release, some of our opinions were published in More! and we are used to putting beauty products under the microscope! We hope you enjoy our blog!


Becky - 21 year old Architecture student, designer, Social Media lover, kitten owner and cheerleader!

Kate Hurn - 23, Advertising Graduate, Love Music, Films and Shopping. I have a major thing for Katy Perry and want to learn archery (after reading The Hunger Games)

Anna - 20 year old film and television student, addicted to all things shopping and sweet!

Linda - a 23 year old London based English graduate with an out of control online shopping addiction!

Fay - Ex beauty student, single mummy to Mia, budget beauty obsessed with a real passion for anything to do with pretty nails!


 Ingrid - 21 year old English and Creative Writing  graduate from Devon with a passion for magazines, media, shopping and socialising!

Linzi - 26 year old Scottish mummy of one who works in retail. Loves rock music and trying and buying new products!

Nicola Howson 19.. Complete girlie girl with a shopping addiction who works in retail and also Hairdressing.. I love anything girlie and pink!


Kate Atherton - 21 year old Psychology and Forensic Science graduate, owl obsessed, clothes, skin and hair care hauler and music and youtube enthusiast!

Kerri, 21, Qualified Beautician and Makeup Artist. If it's dramatic and sparkly - I'm on it! Life revolves around makeup and writing.

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