Saturday, 28 June 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bargain Polka Dot Bikinis...

Hey guys! Sorry we've been a little on the quiet side recently, we've had some big changes for some of the girls here with new jobs (I fall into this category!), house moves and all sorts happening, but I'm glad to say we'll be back and on a roll bringing you all the things to look out for over summer!

I'm off on holiday for the first two weeks of August, and as a result am desperately looking for summer things to wear whilst I'm away in the sun. I'm normally super organised and have saved gift cards I receive during the year to revamp my summer wardrobe, but this year I've spent them all, so I'm trying to update my wardrobe on a bit of a budget!

When it comes to bikinis, I tend to find they last a year or two and then they need chucking (wangy, see-through, straps breaking etc), and that all happened last year so my swimwear needed to start from scratch!

For the past few years I've been a sole shopper in Accessorize for bikinis, they look great and are brilliant quality, and the fit just seems to work for my pear shape. This year, however, as I've been doing my weekly shop, I've noticed the supermarkets have got some pretty beautiful swimwear, at a fraction of the price of what I would normally pay!

All under £13....which means less than £40 for all 3!!
Meet the first three additions to my bikini family. Lets just take a second here, none of these sets cost more than £13...BARGAIN. From what I've seen so far, George at ASDA and F&F at Tesco seem to have the best choices and selections, I really would recommend popping by to have a nosey next time you go food shopping! I got two of my sets from ASDA and one from Tesco, so I think I'm getting there for my holiday now swimwear wise, maybe I can be tempted my another bikini or two!!

top £8 bottoms £4 ASDA
top £8 bottoms £4 ASDA
top £8 bottoms £5 Tesco
What do you think of these bargain buys? Have you found any must have swimwear recently? Please send me links, I'm such a bikini lover, I'd love to find some more lovely sets for holiday!

Becky xx

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