Monday 27 January 2014

Trevor Sorbie Volume Range

I've been neglecting my hair recently, being lazy with it and choosing the quickest easy option of tying it back and getting stuck in a rut I guess. Nothing wrong with that but a change is nice sometimes so I decided I'd make more of an effort and it began with this four products I was sent. 

I've been straightening my hair for the majority of each week and the shampoo & conditioner - 'Trevor Sorbie Volume Shampoo 100ml £2.99' have really made a difference in it's appearance. Both products smell fab and left my feeling and looking shiny and soft. Plus they gave my hair a healthy bouncy look which was what I had been hoping for and was presently surprised in how well they worked while not leaving my hair feeling heavy at all. 

After washing my hair I use the 'Volume Leave In Conditioner 200ml £5.29' which compliments the shampoo and conditioner fabulously, I'll definitely keep using a leave in conditioner to help tame my fly away hair. 

Lastly if I was going for a night out maybe, I used the 'Volume Big Hair Power 5g £6.29' it works well for extra root lift, blends in well with my hair and lasts all night. It does however leave the hair a bit sticky to touch, but that didn't bother me as I just washed my hair as normal the next day.

 Trevor Sorbie products are great value for money and widely available and I certainly won't be over looking them again.  The shampoo and conditioner in particular will be products I would repurchase as my hair hasn't look this fab in ages! 

Have you tried any Trevor Sorbie products? Let me know what you think! 


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