Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fake Bake Flawless Darker - Review

Hi beauties,
I hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine we've been having and popping on the factors to keep your skin safe!
I'm probably not the only one who jumps at the chance to get a tan when the sun does show his face. But what about those that don't for whatever reason, get the chance to turn their skin a delicious shade of bronze?!
There are many types of fake tan on the market. Today I'll be showing you one of my new found favourites! I am in LOVE!

I was lucky enough (and over the moon) to be sent Fake Bake 'Flawless DARKER' self tan, which is not yet released. Up until now, I have been a Fake Bake self tan virgin, only ever having a spray tan in my local Debenhams. I am officially converted.
I cannot speak highly enough of this self tanner, if you desire a darker yet natural looking self tan, then this is the one for you! It promises to be their longest lasting, darkest tan to date.

So, Fake Bake Flawless Darker. What is it, I hear you say?!

Fake Bake Flawless Darker, is a fast-drying, fast-absorbing, darker self tan that is designed to be applied with the application mitt provided for a quick and easy tan. Even better, it is transfer-resistant, meaning you can apply in the morning and go about your day to day life without the worry of it transfering to your clothes! Fake Bake promises it has no artificial preservatives, is paraben free and is suitable for all skin types.

Whats in the box?
First of all, look how pretty the packaging is! I'm more than happy to have this silver and metallic pink/purple box on my dresser! Flawless Darker comes in a very decent sized bottle, 170mls of bronze goodness! Included in the box is a professional mitt and two application gloves, which are worn under the mitt, to stop the tan bleeding through, which I do think is such a nice little touch.
Before applying, I made sure I was well exfoliated and had moisturised, paticlarly around my knees, elbows, ankles and hand areas.

Before Application 
Above is a picture of me before application. I'm not the palest of people so I was hoping that the 'DARKER' tan would be suitable for me, as I do desire a 'been in the carribean for a fornight' kinda' look, paticularly if im off on a girly night out!
I was dubious about the application of the tan, with it being fast drying. Some tans I have used in the past become quite 'smudgey' for lack of better word, to work with. However, I need not have worried! Application of the product was perfect. Quick, smooth and easy! I did find that spraying directly onto my skin was my preferred method rather than Fake Bake's advisory method of spraying onto the mitt first. The included mitt is great and gives a truly streak free tan.
The guide colour is just right to show you where you have missed and produces an amazing colour instantly. It is advised you leave on for 6 hours, enough time to work its magic, allowing the maximum levels of DHA to penetrate and react with the skin, but I would have no qualms in going out in it without washing off as it is such a deep, beautiful colour.
I was able to re-dress pretty much instantly and as promised, there was no transfer onto my clothing. It almost felt like I hadn't even tanned! You know that super sticky feeling you sometimes get? There was NON of that, which I was incredibly pleased about.  

After Application
As this tan is gradual, I was excited to see the results after the 6 hour developing time had passed. The colour change to my skin was obvious right away, and I took a few photos around an hour after application to show how it does develop over time, as the DHA reacts with the skin. I left my watch on whilst tanning to show the definite colour difference, mostly for you, the readers, benefit. (You're welcome!)
The smell is divine; coconuts, which is really light, fresh and not overpowering at all. The smell does linger until washed off which I had no problems with as it is a super pleasant smell that is in no way overbearing.
This tan promises to stand the test of time. This for me is the real selling point. You know when you have a shower, you see the puddles of colour going down the plughole and you feel slightly annoyed that your hard work in preperation and application wasn't worth it? Fear no more! Of course, expect to lose SOME colour, you are washing away the colour guide, but I'm still pleased with the tanned looking skin left behind.
As you can see, I am still at least a few shades darker than I originally was, after a shower and also shaving my legs! I was slightly worried that it could be stripped off, but alas, it wasn't! The colour guide had washed away leaving a truly gorgeous, even colour!

2 Days after application.
4 Days after application.

5 days after application.

FIVE days on, with regular moisturising and the colour is STILL visible, my skin is definitely remains a gorgeous shade of bronze, albeit not as dark as it first was, with no patches and no obvious areas of fading. It has faded just like a real tan would, it really is such a natural, wearable product!  The tan is so easily buildable, that I can take 5-10 minutes of my time and rebuild it up again, should I require. 
There only negative I can comment on, which could easily be avoided; if you happened to spray upside down, for instance, back of thighs, the pump became slightly blocked and would take a few good pumps to bring it back to fully working order, but to me, it's no biggie and with a little more care with application, it could definitely be resolved.

If you're looking for a deep, intense tan that genuinely does last and last, then I cannot recommend this enough. Fake Bake flawless darker delivers what it promises too, comes in a generous sized bottle and gives the appearance a tropical holiday would without stepping foot out of your front door or the hefty price tag! Now, who doesn't want that?!
Fake Bake will be on sale here priced at £25.95 for a 170ml bottle, once released.

Have you tried any of the Fake Bake self tan range? (I have my eye on the Airbrush next!!) Will you be grabbing a bottle of Flawless Darker when it is released?

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  1. This tan looks really natural on you, not fake at all or too dark that it looks unnatural!

    - Rhi x

    1. It's lovely, Rhi. I was worried I'd look orange, but it's a great colour - suits my complexion really well.
      I've re-applied for a girls night out this weekend!

      Thank you for your comment <3

  2. This looks amazing!! I have the regular Fake Bake Flawless but can't wait to try out the darker one :) Thanks for the review!

  3. Wow, great review hun, the pictures are great, you look amazing. The colour looks so natural too. I'm currently waiting for my flawless darker to develop... Can't wait to see the results later! Big love xx

  4. Great review, i tried this yesterday after finding your review IT IS AMAZING i love it. I've never known a fake tan go on so easy and the colour look so good!

  5. Great review. Just ordered mine along with the body polish and oil. Can't wait for it to arrive and get stuck in. Just hoping it looks as good as yours!

  6. I do two coats of this and the colour is great! I dont really like the spray application but my husband said this was the most natural tan I'd tried. And I'd recently tried st tropez dark, and express. So i keep this one for my upper body.

  7. I love this stuff. The scent is great, and I really like the mitt. I don't have streaks and the color looks real.