Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fake Bake's Real Women Campaign Winners and a Review!

Fake Bake's mission to find six inspirational women is now complete! After thousands of entries and careful consideration judges Sam Faiers and Josie Gibson have decided that the new faces of Fake Bake are…

Chloe Gamblin- After being taunted by school bullies, Chloe decided to take charge of her weight and slimmed down from a size 20 to 12-14. She then entered the Miss Beauty England Pageant where she won Miss Somerset.

India Miles- Typical girl next door, India’s life was turned upside down when she discovered she was already five months pregnant at the tender age of 19.

Kathryn Adams- Army medic, Kathryn was deployed to Afghanistan less than a month after getting married. She returned in April 2012 and later, she and her husband welcomed their daughter Poppy to the world.

Gemma Flanagan- Over the last two years, Gemma has battled with an illness which has now left her disabled. With her crystallised crutches, Gemma does not let the Guillian Barre Syndrome get in the way of her looking glam and having fun.

Alice Dyer- With her perfectly painted nails, shapely eyebrows and a wardrobe to be envious of, you would never guess that Alice is in fact a farmer.

Nichola Cannon- Having brought up her son as a single mum after becoming a victim of domestic violence; Nichola has dedicated her time to charity work and has risen over £90,000 for several charities.

These inspirational women were taken to a gorgeous castle in Scotland where they were given a full VIP makeover with the Queen's hairdresser, a make up artist, stylist and tan. They then had their photos taken around the castle.

You can find out more about the competition on Facebook. And read here for my exclusive interview with judge and TOWIE star Sam Faiers as she talks about her views on the campaign and beauty! 

Have you tried any Fake Bake tanning products?

I was lucky enough to be sent the Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan to try. I've been through a phase of being a fake tan addict a few years ago to now mainly just using it for special occasions and nights out. I've used brands such as St Tropez to cheaper alternatives like St Moriz but I've never actually tried Fake Bake! The main reason that I tan less these days is because of the effort that can be involved (waiting around naked for fake tan to dry got a bit tiring!) but this product is especially for the 'on the go tanner'. So I was very excited to test this aerosol by a brand that I've heard many friends rave about.

I wanted a fake tan with minimal effort, and I'm pleased to say that's what I got! It was so easy to spray on at all angles and dried pretty much instantly, which I loved! I can't stand it when a tan is really sticky for ages. I left the tan on overnight and showered in the morning. What I will say is that the tan was quite subtle - I think for a deeper tan it would need a good two or three applications to build up the colour. Of course some people may be satisfied with just one application but as I'm very pale I like to make my skin a lot more bronzed to make it more noticeable on a night out/in photos etc.

The bottle came with a free mitt and gloves, which to be honest I didn't really need as the product was so easy to apply and didn't get on my hands as I didn't have to rub it in :)

And another great thing is that the tan didn't smell/or leave that classic lingering fake tan scent that I'm not a fan of! Yay!

Fake Bake have a whole range of tanning products to suit every individual. There's tans for the On the Go Tanner, the Instant Tanner, the Fair Skinned Tanner, the Medium/Dark Skinned Tanner, the Mature Tanner, as well as must-haves for prepping and maintaining your tan.

What do you think of Fake Bake? And what's your favourite product?

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